The Vibes of Limbo with Josh Gershon

What is limbo? It’s being in a state of uncertainty - teetering from one edge to another. It’s the state of being lost in the hazy mist of reality, where there’s a light somewhere in the distance. The a light is out there, in limbo we don’t know how far away it is, and we don’t know how to reach it.

This conversation with Josh Gershon, a writer, poet, and coach, is one about how to live with limbo, how to be it.

When we hear of see the word “limbo,” we might be tempted to recall the game kids play at birthday parties. The one that probably comes to mind is that which the players bend backwards to get under a bar. And there might be something to that analogy. It’s a threshold, that we have to cross. The analogy is funny, but is limbo?

What does it feel like, in the body? While being in limbo can sometimes feel like play, and sometimes we can channel the fun of a game, it comes with a heaviness. In limbo, the body can feel tired, drained, stuck, and it’s like we want to sleep all day.

It is a feeling chock-full of mixed emotions. It’s complicated, confusing, and not one broad feeling can truly represent limbo.

Limbo is Wrestlemania

The crowd is going wild as wrestlers are popping up out of nowhere, and there’s no clear winner. All we can do, as anxious audience members, is watch the fight and see who comes out on top.

Do, Do, Do, Energy

Many of us are aware of the world and its devices being in constant motion. To that end, we have the desire to being doing something, and work towards the goals we set. But what happens when we’re in limbo, and there’s nothing that we can do to change our situation?

That energy still exists, and it’s not always constructive. There’s a certain amount of it that goes into frustration at our situation.

Yet, our circumstances can catch up to our mindset! While our consciousness drifts into another place, the world heralds itself into catching up to that place. It’s the same concept as setting an intention and letting the Universe catch up to make that intention catch up to life.

Waiting for circumstances to catch up to our life situations is what Josh likens to watching a horse race. We have a stake in all of the horses, but we just want one to win when we’re in limbo. That can be the most frustrating part. Watching horses run and run, but never fast enough.

What to do with Limbo

Is there a way to escape limbo? Or is there a better way to “deal with” our limbo situations? Through our conversation, Josh and I realized that one thing we can do with limbo is to be with it.

That means fully embracing the emotion, energy, pain, annoyance, and excitement that comes with it. It’s absolutely easier said than done - and that’s where practice comes into play.

I asked Josh what 2 things he could do to be more with limbo, and while we only cover one of those things in this snippet, he decided that laughing with limbo is the best way to be with limbo. Finding the humor in a situation is a way to create distance with it, and laugh at how cute we are that we get so caught up in our personal situations.

I wanted to breathe through limbo, and find breath to keep myself centered - to focus more on what I have now, and not what I’m waiting for on the other side of my limbo.

The Magic of Limbo

There’s magic in the wrestle with ourselves. Wrestling with nagging uncertainty and impatience is alchemizing, because it transforms the stories we tell ourselves, the way that we understand our self concept, and an awakening to what we are and are not in control of.

As in any emotional push or pull, there’s poetry.

It’s a time to rest, It’s a time where you don’t have to be your best, A time where not being your best, Is your best.

~ Josh Gershon

Limbo is a Layover

Truly, limbo is simply a layover in life. There is a destination that we’re reaching for. There’s a flight that will inevitably take off. There might be delays, or cancellations even, but ultimately, through that layover we reach our destination.

And who knows? Maybe the journey of limbo is a stepping stone filled with hidden learnings, undiscovered meaning, and a sign that as things take time to unravel, perhaps waiting is what’s meant to be.

By Saalik Lokhandwala.