About Alchemize

Alchemy is the magic of transformation. Both elements: magic and change are at the center of this blog.

The writing you’ll find on this site will be different. While heavily anchored in text, you’ll hear some splashes of audio. The site itself is a living and breathing place, with little interactive goodies sprinkled throughout. This is all in the spirit of finding connection in seemingly disconnected things.

Here are the kinds of post you’ll see here:

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Who writes this thing?

That would be me, Saalik. I’m just a human with a couple thoughts, encapsulated in writing. I’m excited to share them with you. My goal is to build this project in public, and you can find updates on that both from my personal blog, but also on Twitter @saaliklok.

Alchemize is a project by Sacred Monday, a conscious company created to publish and amplify mindful voices.